I love stories
where listeners find themselves part of the tale, invested in it, and want to share it with their family and friends. I bring that same passion to designing experiences. I want to empower people to create their own stories. I thrive in collaborative environments that learn, build, and design user experiences that engage communities and bring their stories to life.
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UX Values & Favorite Things

Some of my core values as a UX Designer:

  • I believe usability is beautiful.

  • Human engagement is the goal.

  • Participatory design is necessary.


Some of my favorite things in life include:

  • The Q&A period after any guest speaker or performance.

  • Witnessing someone have an "ah ha" moment.

  • When you tell someone “thank you”, and they say "no worries!"

  • When a product or service works so well you want to tell your friends.

  • Giving and receiving free food!

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