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Milan Griffen

Strategically aligned marketing goals to increase revenue, Marie Claire has been an asset to HomeFree-USA. She has contributed her extensive User Experience and marketing expertise to strengthen lead generation and conversion efforts. Her innovative ideas, abundant enthusiasm, and ongoing support has helped to catapult HomeFree-USA into a new digital marketing era. She has motivated my team and I to push beyond conventional marketing methods. Any company would be at a loss without her.

Marie Claire is able to find passion in whatever she does. She approaches each task with the excitement, the critical thinking, and the curiosity needed to accomplish her goal while growing and learning in the process which is ultimately a benefit for whomever she works with. She also has the rare ability to bring people together which always makes for a smooth working environment and great social atmosphere.

Nabeeh Bilal
Founder | Creative Junkfood 
Kirubeil Belew,
Owner | Bella Pro Remodeling

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marie Claire who is very friendly and open to new ideas. In a short amount of time, she helped me build my business' website and quickly provided solutions. Above all, I was impressed with her ability to take a time and understand how my business works and help me better connect with potential customers. Her ability to organize and assist me comes with a heartfelt recommendation.

Jacqueline McFadden
Founder |  Keeyp App

Marie Claire is a driven UX designer and a dedicated UX project manager. I had the pleasure of working with Marie Claire on Keeyp, where Marie Claire managed client relations effectively and guided a team of three on tight deadlines. Over the course of the project work, Marie Claire demonstrated an ability to deliver on scope, conduct user testing, sketch in low and high fidelity, and solve for complex mobile design challenges. She is professional, reliable and passionate.

Samuel M. Gebru
Director of Engagement | Cambridge

Marie Claire is a thoughtful and pragmatic individual I’ve had the pleasure to know in personal and professional settings for over five years. She’s great at what she does, especially digital/visual media and photography, and is a terrific listener. Most importantly, she has a personality that is fun to be around and the attitude to learn and place herself in new environments and grow.

Hard-working, communicative and goal-driven are the adjectives that comes to me when I think about MC. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marie Claire for 5 years, during which we collaborated on the production of my documentary film about Armenians living in Ethiopia. 

Marie Claire was not only aiding with producing the documentary but was also team-building with her advance knowledge of Ethiopian culture and the Amharic language. She scheduled interviews, contacted subjects, organized shoots, created spreadsheets to keep the production organized and was always on-task while working together

I was always impressed with Marie Claire's ability to keep her calm and cool under pressure, effortlessly juggle and complete multiple tasks in simultaneously. She has the ability to communicate and manage teams and projects, both large and small. Since our time working together we've grown to be not only co-creators but also close friends as we.

Marie Claire is truly an asset to any organization seeking world-class experience in project management, creative problem solving and simply a team member that knows how to get things complete on-time with little oversight or need for micro-management. 

Aramazt Kalayjian​
Director | Tezeta -The Ethiopian Armenia
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